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Hi my name is Asia, Welcome to my trashcan, I mean blog. My old URL is Amazingasiaxp. :P

Goddess of Love, please take me to your leader!

If God forbid anyone should know we were dating at the time then it’s A-ok to let them know that we did date now. Asshole.


Pop punk bands saying “friends”

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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at a “Cheek To Cheek” press conference in Brussels. (09.22.14)

You know that funny moment when you see ur ex posting cute photos with his new girlfriend hanging out knowing he was too afraid to do that with you.And you feel really conflicted inside bc ur trying to get over all the years you loved ur ex and seeing him moving on is the worst shit ever…And apparently everyone is okay with a 14 year old dating a 17 year old. like cool cool. good for you. even though she deserves so much better than a piece of shit like you. but haha yeah, everything is okay, apparently i wasnt as special to do anything with. even though i made several attempts for us to see each other, of which you rejected. I am looked at as a crazy ex girlfriend who never “made you happy” i did everything my heart was capable of doing like ugh im so frustrated. I need someone to talk to.And another thing, since i was such a scary thing in the first place that i had to be kept secret from everyone, no one really knows that I dated him for like 3 months. Now looking over this its not as funny as i planned for it to start out being. but seriously fuck off Kevin.